Fun in the lab

Kexin (Veronica) and Julia present their first posters by Zoom at the 2020 Summer Program Poster Session of the Center of Integrative Science

The lab under construction! 2020

Shellaina Gordon

Wins one of the poster presentation awards in Biochemistry category, at the 2018 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students

Cristina Tavera-Montanez

Presenting her MQP poster at Worcester Polytechnic Institute


The lab goes live to JoVe!

Daniella Cangussu

Presenting at the 4th New England SACNAS Conference. 2018.

Arguello’s Lab Reunion

Metals will bring us together!

2017 Gordon Conference, NH

Tere receives the 2017 SACNAS Outstanding Research and Professional Mentor Award.

SACNAS Distinguished Awards Committee. Salt Lake City, UT

Cristina Tavera-Montanez

Presenting at the SACNAS Conference. Salt Lake City


Odette Verdejo-Torres

Presenting at the 15th International Conference on Na,K-ATPase and Related Transport ATPases. Otsu Prince Hotel. Shiga, Japan.


Ifeoluwa Adelugba

Presenting her poster at the UMMS poster session


SACNAS 2016 Linton-Poodry SLI

Being part of an amazing cohort of minority leaders!


Farewell Claudia Vilchis-Nestor


Visiting Argonne National Lab


The lab is moving!

Thanks Claudia for helping us!


Amanda Paskavitz

Presenting her poster at the UMMS session, winner of the second place in the competition!